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Mady's Grandmother's secret peanut brittle recipe was not only a family delight but the pioneer product for Mady's food business. Widowed in 1981 and looking for business opportunities, Mady recalled her Grandmother's success selling her airy, crunchy peanut brittle in Kansas. The recipe remained in the family despite the stout interest of H. D. Lee Mercantile Co. of Salina in purchasing it.

In 1982, Mady complimented the manager of Bell's Market, a gourmet grocery store in the Colorado Springs Broadmoor, on the array of locally baked delectables in his pastry case. Upon hearing of her Grandmother's delicious peanut confection, the brittle-loving manager promised to carry the candy if it proved itself. It did and Bell's became Mady's first faithful customer. The distinguished Broadmoor Hotel's Drugstore soon followed suit. As sales continued to grow through mail order and independent stores along Colorado's Front Range, Mady expanded her line of products, while peanut brittle production went on hold to find a local manufacturer with the proper expertise
and equipment.

Throughout the years Mady has continued her successful formula of thoroughly researching the market while formulating her products with select, quality ingredients and keeping an eye to dietary considerations. The products are low sodium and have no cholesterol.


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